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Customer Testimonials

“Our experience with A1 Anherma was very satisfactory. Always willing to provide help and a staff always 100% at our disposal to supply our spare parts needs in the different aircraft fleets of each contract. Our AOG spares were always of paramount importance for A1 Anherma and always delivered before expected time.”

Colonel Ignacio Correa
Colombian Police – DIRAN,
Chief Aviation Antinarcotics Police

“A company with specialized and experienced personnel to contract and to make all the necessary procurement for inspections, calibrations, repairs and overhauls of our components in the best repair stations known.”

Chief Intendant Richard Burgos
Colombian Police - DIRAN

“A1 Anherma stands out for having excellent service, quality, timely delivery and traceability of the parts purchased. A company 100% recommended.”

Colonel Rafael Peña – Colombian Air Force,
Colombian Air Force Purchasing Agency Director – Miami

“During the execution of the contract, highly qualified personnel were always available to comply with each of the requirements requested in the object of the contract, a control of the man hours of the personnel on a weekly basis, maintenance work scheduled on time and solution of Unscheduled maintenance with the greatest agility. A company that gives you everything you need and even more.”

Major Fernando Lopez
Colombian Army, Chief of the Air Assault Division